Girls Code

“Creating with Technology”

Awakening Interest

It is easier for a girl to want to learn to code or to be interested in Science when others around her do so as well, in order to allow her to imagine, create, and develop.


We want to inspire more girls to be part of the tech and entrepreneurship field, so they can become the next generation of entrepreneurs, creators, and change makers.

Developing Skills

We want girls to think about technology as a possibility for personal development and social impact, to create and visualize how fast their skills can have an impact on their communities.

Meet our Team


GirlsCode was born among a group of Female Programmers and Computer Scientists who believe that this generation of girls deserves to have the opportunity of being introduced to the world of CS, in order to generate great value and skill into their lives and into their communities. By awakening their interest, developing scientific and technological skills, thinking pragmatically and logically, they can surely develop useful skills in the competitive working field.

Our Mission


The global concern over the current and future role of women in technology acquires a new level of importance with the birth of the information era. These concerns are a key motivation for the organization of public debates about gender equality, specially when we see how computer applications are a growing influence in our society. We want to spread knowledge and opportunities in information technology and reduce the effect of intrinsic sexism.

Many misconceptions about computer science persist and can discourage women from pursuing a career in the world of technology. Women tend to believe that they don’t have the set of skills necessary to succeed in the field of Information Technology. This leaves us facing a big challenge: The Athena Factor, which reveals that there is a worrying shortage of women in science and technology, implying that their creative potential is not being tapped, and this is as we all know the key factor to innovation.

In Paraguay, when a student enters a computer class they are taught to be a program user, but not a developer. From childhood they will begin to see technology as a tool of consumption, but not as a tool of creation.

Today, universities in North America and Europe are shifting their computer science study programs to make them more attractive to women, encouraging girls to become interested in engineering, technology, and science. In addition, efforts are being made to make female computer scientists more visible through events that allow them to meet, collaborate and present their work to other women in the field.


The challenges and relationship between women and the world of technology are changing. The incorporation of women in the world of information technology shows us that, historically, women have always been a small but vital part of the processes of innovation and development in different fields, such as agriculture, astronomy, and even now computer science.

Programming is one of the most requested professions and this trend will continue to grow, so a good way to develop children’s skills is by introducing them at an early age to coding through games. The lack of parity among top executives of technology companies exists at all levels of the sector, and we consider this is something to be concerned about.

The existence of stereotypes usually limits women’s interest and possibilities in science and technology, seeing these tasks as something that only men can succeed in, and by not participating they lose the opportunity to contribute equitably in a new world, on equal terms.

It’s well known that including women in work teams improves collective intelligence and makes these teams more productive. The importance of introducing girls at an early age to programming is based on the following points:

  • Develop abstract thinking
  • Encourages creativity
  • Prepares for the future, because programming skills positively impact different aspects of life
  • Strengthens confidence and self-esteem, solving problems generates satisfaction.
  • Challenging and fun
  • Promotes active use and not passive consumption of technology





Since childhood, we begin to see technology as a consumer tool, but not as a tool for creation. We are looking for girls to switch from software consumers to software developers.

The interest in using modern technologies grows year by year, with this program we seek to create prerequisites for these students to develop skills transversal to any future activity.

Empowering the computational, logical, scientific and creative thinking of girls, developing skills for immersion in a career in high demand, the #GirlsCode project seeks to bring this knowledge to girls in some schools, public and private, these activities will be conducted out-of-school , And can register if they are interested. Elementary school teachers participating in the program will receive training during the project.

Undoubtedly these actions could become a major boost for Paraguay, which already currently has a large difficulty to fill high positions in technology companies. We seek to create a synergy of continuous learning, where each member, each person who is part of the program can transmit what has been learned and introduce their community to the issues addressed. 



Weekend workshops seek an active learning process, where girls are actively involved in their own learning process, becoming actively self-taught.

The topics covered are specific to courses of initiation, students will learn basic programming. These courses are short of 3hs each day, starting and ending the same weekend, adapted for different age groups of 6-9 year-olds and 10-13 year-olds.

These courses seek the development of abstract thinking, improve school performance, reasoning and problem solving, helping to understand how the world works today.

They range from creating a web page, a mobile application, designing a computer game, managing a 3D printer and an introduction to robotics.

Science, technology and programming are forms of expression of creativity with which girls can create their games and programs instead of just being users.


The objective of courses is to introduce girls to the world of science and technology in a broader way, to let them know the process of creating a hardware component, developing software, automating a tool and even notions of basic and advanced programming.

Courses give girls a set of goals, seeking to make these goals become a habit, motivate them to learn, innovate and encourage the development of skills necessary for teamwork and also helps them to develop their creativity.

The projects range from scratch, with brand design, motivating the spirit of entrepreneurship and leadership, as well as awakening creativity. The program proposes a complete curriculum development related to technology and its applications in the social environment.

Courses are held for a month on Saturdays. They teach children to put into practice their entrepreneurial spirit and creativity, and show them that programming is not boring, it’s fun! 🙂



In #GirlsCode we have the spirit to support. The goal is to develop competencies and capabilities in a personalized and exclusive way. It builds awareness and reinforces decision-making power, unlocks people’s potential to maximize performance.

Mentoring encompasses scheduled meetings held approximately 4-8 weeks to guide people around science and technology issues, whether it be children, parents, teachers, colleges, or any person and institution that wishes to accompany a child.

At the end of each mentoring session, the degree of execution of the different activities developed within the program is evaluated to identify the successes and weaknesses and the degree of satisfaction among the different actors of the program.


Being part of GirlsCodeClub allows you to have access to the latest news in science and technology, participate in national and international conferences, conduct scheduled courses with professionals from other countries, easy access to the latest in electronic and robotic devices, visits to technology labs in Various parts of the world. And most importantly, have a great group of friends.

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